Bradley Robb

The Grammys Go A Trollin’

I don’t think anyone is really happy with Bon Iver winning the Best New Artist Grammy last night. However, following the previous year’s awarding of Album of the Year to Arcade Fire, I think I’m seeing a trend emerging from the Recording Academy. Someone over there is a troll.

Let’s breakdown last night.

Bon Iver’s win:

  • Irritated fans by ripping the band from obscurity to the mainstream with the opening of an envelope
  • Irritated non-fans because they’d never heard of the band (as evidenced by this twitter account)
  • Irritated Bon Iver because they will forever be referred to as “Grammy Award Winning”
  • Irritated indie music listeners who will tell you that Bon Iver put out their first album in 2008 and it was arguably better than the winning album last night, but that clearly means that the Recording Academy doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “new.”

You see that? Managing to irritate so many groups so quickly with such little action? That’s a master troll.

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